Abt is working with Mexican national, state and local governments to effect positive change. Our projects have resulted in cutting-edge tools that provide efficiency, transparency and accountability; globally-recognized legislation; diagnostics and actionable plans to effect sustainable growth; increased financing for innovative businesses; and alternative, sustainable sources of income for rural populations. Abt Associates is a mission-driven, global leader in research and program implementation in the fields of climate change, health, social and environmental policy, and international development. For nearly 50 years, we have been a critical resource to governments, international organizations, academia, and foundations around the world.

Environment, Resources and Climate Change

Abt adheres to the highest principles of scientific evidence and creates cutting-edge tools, models, and methodologies to deliver viable environmental solutions. Our solutions factor in multiple impacts—economic, health, policy and social—and include sophisticated modeling and analysis of future scenarios. Our work includes climate change mitigation and adaptation, economic policy and regulatory analysis, benefit-cost analysis and health risk assessments.


Abt Associates understands health and healthcare issues at every level—from documenting the impact of a single genetic abnormality to developing the foundation for public health policy that can affect millions of lives. Improving the health status of populations requires the implementation of public health policies and strategies using the three core functions of public health – assessment, policy development and assurance. Priority public health issues include infectious disease—including influenza and HIV/AIDS—chronic disease, health equity and disadvantaged populations, nutrition and obesity, and women’s and children’s health. Working in collaboration with public and private sector partners in more than 50 countries including the U.S., we are able to identify distinct needs, and provide fact-based analysis and effective solutions to improve people’s health.


Abt Associates is nationally recognized for its rigorous research and advanced methodologies to solve multiple education issues—from closing the achievement gap and reducing inequities in college access to increasing the number of science, math and engineering college students to helping identify innovations accelerating student achievement. Our work covers the education continuum—from preschool to graduate school, and from informal learning to job-embedded training and career development.

Food Security and Agriculture

Too many people around the world are subject to dead-end poverty and hunger. These vulnerabilities are heightened when political instability, sudden disasters, and encroaching climate change destroy food production and rural livelihoods. Across Latin America, Asia and Africa, Abt Associates works to alleviate these conditions by promoting resilient farming systems that will raise incomes, conserve the environment and improve overall health.

Income Security and Workforce

Abt’s landmark and innovative studies have shaped programs and policies helping to improve the financial and social wellbeing of disadvantaged children, families and workers. Our widely recognized expertise designing and implementing rigorous experimental, quasi-experimental, and implementation evaluations is coupled with our leadership in family support, child and youth development, food security and nutrition assistance, and workforce development and welfare policy.